Friday, December 10, 2010

15 months already!

A few days late, but Theodore turned 15 months old this week! It's hard to believe how much he's growing up.

We have been quite busy since my last update. As I mentioned, Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill were in town for two weeks. We then had a nice Thanksgiving long weekend, and Auntie Suzie arrived! Theodore really enjoyed her company. At the end of the week, his Auntie Catherine arrived as well! We had a full house, which was lots of fun.

Celebrating Hanukkah with Auntie Suzie

We have also started with his early intervention. Once a week an "infant educator" comes to the house for an hour, where we do play therapy, focusing on speech development and cognitive skills. It's fun and informal, which is nice. Due to the time that elapsed between Theodore's assessment and the start of the intervention, he's already achieved at least half of the goals she has for him! We are also doing physical therapy once a week, in San Jose with a therapist who specializes in pediatric PT. Again, it's a lot of fun, playing and climbing. She is working to encourage him to do a hands-and-knees crawl, or at least try out the position to develop his core muscles. She also keenly noted that when he stands up and climbs (more on that in a moment) and also when he scoots, he is always pushing off from his "good" foot, rather than the one with the abnormality. She thinks it is an unconscious compensation, because while we saw the pediatric orthopedist again and she thinks everything looks fine and healthy, he does have less structure to use to balance on. So we are trying to encourage him to use that foot/leg more, to avoid it being underdeveloped, compared to the other. He's pretty game for it, though by the end of the session he gets annoyed!

The other big news is that starting pretty much the day after I last updated, Theodore had an absolute explosion of new skills. He can climb up and safely back down the stairs, he can easily pull to stand and is very close to doing it without needing something to pull on, he's cruising very fast around the furniture, and he can push his firetruck and take several steps behind it. Due to the heroic efforts of Grandma Carole, he is now self-feeding very well, though we're still working on a cup. He actually prefers to bite into food now, especially whatever you're eating! He also clearly understands so much more of what we say - practically everything. He is pointing up a storm and has started to express very definite wants. He's developing a little toddler attitude! He also hates being told "no", but has to get used to it... It's been lots of fun, though, watching him take off - for a while, it seemed like every day he learned or did something new! He will give his baby doll a "kiss" if you ask, he initiates peek-a-boo play, he can put some of his puzzles together - so many new things. And in general, he continues to be a very happy, cheerful little boy.

Cruising around the coffee table!

Theodore also had his fifteen month pediatrician visit this week. It went well, though the doctor was concerned because he has not put on much weight and is still under nineteen pounds. He did grow in length and head circumference, however, and is burning up calories like crazy these days with all his activity. We are trying a bit of a bulking up diet, though, to see what we can do! Otherwise he was considered very healthy.

That's a long enough update for now! If I don't get to update over the holidays, hope everyone has good ones, whatever you celebrate. We are off to Canada on December 17th for just over two weeks, splitting our time between Brampton and Ottawa.

Video this time: taken by Auntie Suzie, it's Boy vs. Roomba!

And as always, the pics!

Monday, November 15, 2010

October and November to date

Apologies for the long time between updates! We've been very busy, as always.

In October we went to Austin, Texas for four days to attend my cousin Eric's wedding. We had a fabulous trip. Theodore really enjoyed spending time with his cousins Austin and Alexandra in particular. Austin is four and a half and Alex is two and a half, and Theodore found them fascinating and exciting! He was very well-behaved at the wedding, and we all had fun relaxing and sightseeing.

Family photo at the wedding

Theodore also dressed up for Halloween for the first time! Since we were able to decide his costume, we chose to dress him up as Tintin, since his hair was perfect for it! We took him over to our friends' house and took him to two houses to trick-or-treat. He wasn't really sure what was going on, but enjoyed himself nonetheless!


Also, right now Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill are visiting! They have been here a week and are staying for one more week. Theodore has really liked having their company, and it's been a very nice visit, including some babysitting so that Billy and I can go on dates. Next up Auntie Suzie and Auntie Catherine are both coming too!

Developmentally, Theodore continues to improve every day. He is scooting, climbing, and trying to stand. And just today he got up two stairs! He has also started to babble consonants, and now we get a steady stream of "bababa" and a few "dadada"s. He has also learned how to push buttons, point, and make a hand gesture for "more". He is also clearly understanding much more of what we say, and knows the names for many objects and people. He continues to love books, balls, and chasing the cat, and his new favourite activity is putting things in other things - so we have fun putting away his toys in the box! He eats solid foods very well now, eating a variety of things at each meal, and enjoying most of them. On the weekend we gave him fresh Valencia orange slices, and he was ecstatic!

We continue to attend gym class, which he really enjoys. We have not yet started with the early intervention program, but hopefully that will be starting up quite soon. We are also looking forward to Thanksgiving, and a four day weekend for Billy! Theodore adores his father and so will really enjoy that.

No video right now, but as always, here are photos!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Belated Updates

A little behind on updating, apologies!

Since I last updated, we've been fairly busy. We took a quick trip to Seattle at the end of September to visit our friends Anton and Catherine. Teddy enjoyed seeing the sights and going to the aquarium, and visiting another friend, Barry, and playing with his young son's toys!

At the Seattle Aquarium

When we got back, he had a rash so I took him to the doctor. We think he's allergic to strawberries, which is a shame, but what exciting is that they weighed him and he'd put on 7oz in two weeks! He's slowly but surely getting into eating more solid foods so we're happy to see him putting on more weight.

What's especially exciting is that he's gaining despite being more active every day. He has perfected his 'scoot' and roams around the house, throwing and retrieving toys, pulling things off the shelves, and chasing the cat. He's also now practicing pulling up on his hands - he does a mean downward facing dog - and climbing on things, like the Wii Fit board. He also loves to stand up and look around when up, though has to be put in the standing position - but once there, he can stay upright while only loosely holding on with one hand. He isn't yet interested in moving his legs while upright, however.

He had his assessment with the state Early Start program this week. We will be getting a full report next week, but he does qualify for services for speech and physical therapy. Apparently much of the therapy will be conducted at our house, and it's all free, so we're pretty excited! I will definitely update with more information when I have it; after getting the report we will be talking and discussing therapy plans with a case worker.

We've also been attending a Gym Kids class, and enjoying it a lot. It's 45 minutes of free play in a large room full of mats, climbing gear, slides, and balls, and then 15 minutes of "circle time" - songs, bubbles, and a parachute. Very fun!

Other than all that, life continues as normal - trips to the park, to the store, and trying to get in the right number of naps! I've had two colds since I last updated, so that's slowed us down a little, and we suffered through two heat waves, but we keep having fun. Next week we are off to Austin, Texas for my cousin's wedding for four days. We can't wait to go explore and see all of my family!

Playing in his baby pool at 5pm in October!!

I think that's here are some photos and a video! It's an old video, actually, from August, that I just found on the camera I had misplaced. Just 20 seconds, but shows Teddy's hilarious reaction to seeing animals. :)

And photos!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


As promised, here's the (slightly belated) update after Theodore's one year checkup and birthday party.

Enjoying his cake!

The birthday party was a lot of fun. Grandma Eileen was here, and Dana, Cindy, Igor, and Sasha all came by. Theodore enjoyed being the center of attention! We BBQed and then had a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing that I made from scratch. Theodore was unfortunately tired by the time we did the cake so it wasn't a huge hit, but he did find it tasty! The picture above is as messy as he got. He doesn't like to self-feed so his mess was mostly all the cake he threw on the floor!

Grandma Eileen was here for three days, which was a lovely visit. Unfortunately Theodore caught a cold - his first! - and wasn't at his best, especially at night as he would cough, and throw up, and be very stuffy, but he really enjoyed her company and after sleeping a bit better he perked up and enjoyed playing with her very much. I also caught that cold so we were a bit of a sick household for a while. Thankfully we're all feeling better now, as Theodore being sick was very hard on everyone.

His one year checkup went very well. We have a new pediatrician and I was very pleased with her and her office. Theodore weighed in at 17 lbs, 12 oz, and 28". He's definitely still on the small side but the doctor was not worried. We are working hard to get him eating, and he's been steadily improving, so that's good! He is also still nursing so thankfully gets lots of nutrition from breast milk, even when he's not very interested in solids.

We did discuss Theodore's speech and gross motor skills (she was impressed with his fine motor skills - no problems there - as he was tearing tiny pieces of paper off the table when she came in!) We decided to be proactive and have started the intake process with the state Early Start program. I'm excited for this to get started and to hopefully learn new ways to help him learn! He does seem to improve every day, however. He can now scoot very fast - especially when he tries to catch the cat! - and just in the last few days he learned and then fully mastered how to sit up from a lying down position, a milestone we'd been concerned that he'd missed. This does mean that when I put him down for a nap today he woke up fifteen minutes later and sat himself up in the crib...but we're still happy he learned! Readiness is definitely key for this kid. When he's ready, he learns fast. (I also taught him to hold his arms out when someone scores a touchdown - it's pretty cute!)

That's about all the news! I did sign us up for a Gym Kids class, and we have our first class tomorrow. Should be a fun activity that may help teach more gross motor skills, and let him interact with other kids, which he has come to love. (We go to our neighbourhood park regularly, and earlier this week he started screeching with joy when it came into view, and he saw the other kids!) We are also heading to Seattle next weekend for a short visit with our friends Catherine and Anton. We're really looking forward to that! Now, as always, some photos - no new video this time, sorry, I've misplaced the camera I normally take video on!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One Year Old!

Happy birthday, Theodore! Our little man turns one year old today. It's hard to believe - the time has flown!

Birthday Boy on the 7th!

We've been pretty busy since our last update. Lots of activities, and we took another trip to Canada! We went to Regina, Saskatchewan to visit my good friend Becky and her husband Chris, who moved there last year. It was the whole Biggs family's first time in the Prairies, and we had a lot of fun. We visited the town where the TV show Corner Gas was filmed, went to the RCMP museum, swam in the hotel pool, and spent time relaxing (and eating!) with Becky and Chris.

At the Regina airport, waiting like a big boy for his flight home!

Theodore continues to develop and learn. He is now fully mobile! He decided to bypass "traditional" crawling and instead does a cute bum scoot with arm pull. I've included video at the end of this post. He's extremely pleased with himself and is content to move around the house for long periods of time. He will go to a toy, throw it, and go get it again - like playing fetch! Since throwing things is his other favourite pastime, this is very entertaining to him. He is practicing his standing as well, though is not yet ready to stand unassisted or walk.

He continues to enjoy imitative play. I will balance one of his small stacking cups on the post for his rings, and he will repeat it happily. But he has to get it just right - if it's crooked, he will try again until he gets it right! When he does get it right, he's very pleased and we clap and smile. He is also becoming more accustomed to playing with other children, and loves going to the park and watching older children play while being pushed in the swing. He will kick his legs on cue in the swing as well, which is very sweet!

As you can see, he also still loves books!

We see his new pediatrician on Monday the 13th, so I don't have updated stats to share yet. I will update again next week when I have that information. Also, his first birthday party is next Saturday, the 11th, so I will share photos from that! We're having a small gathering at our house, with a special guest of honour - Grammy Eileen is coming down from Ottawa! Teddy will be thrilled to see her.

Here's video and photos, as always!

Teddy's version of crawling:


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trip Report and Updates!

As the title suggests, the biggest thing that has happened lately was our wonderful 12-day trip to Canada. We all had a terrific time on this trip!

Daddy and Baby at the ceremony!

Our first stop was Halifax, Nova Scotia, to attend Billy's cousin Laura's wedding. We had a great time at the wedding, got to see a lot of family, and also stayed with our good friends Marc and Colleen, who we hadn't seen in several years. It was great to spend time with them. We also drove up to Antigonish, where Billy's grandparents used to live (they are both now deceased). Some family was there and we took Theodore down to the beach, though we didn't swim. Overall it was a great few days.

Cute faces at Grammy Eileen's house

After Halifax we flew to Ottawa, where we visited with more family and friends, and stayed with Billy's mom. Unfortunately it was during the week so it wasn't as easy to see everyone, but we did end up seeing a lot of people! It also rained while we were here - which Teddy found fascinating! He didn't remember rain, as it only rains in the winter in our part of California, and he was so little then, of course.

Three cousins on the couch!

Then to finish the trip, we flew to Toronto, where we stayed with my parents in Brampton. We got to spend time with my sisters, my grandmother who now lives in Brampton, and also drove to Waterloo to see Billy's brother Michael. In particular, Theodore really enjoyed spending time with his cousins Austin and Alex. He was fascinated by them and loved playing with them at their house one day.

Teddy was wonderful on all the flights. He took good naps and was generally able to be entertained, and almost barely cried - and that's over five flights! He also did quite well with adjusting to the different time zones. What he had some trouble with was stranger anxiety - the poor boy got a bit overwhelmed by all the new people at times. He cried and cried at the ceremony and wasn't that much happier at the reception, though it would come and go. He seemed to need a bit of time to warm up to people, and also preferred to meet people on his own terms, rather than be held and have people come up to him and be in his face. This was a problem on and off during the whole trip, but overall he was pretty happy with all the new things he saw and did. He especially enjoyed seeing relatives he remembered, like Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill, and Auntie Debbie. He also continues to teethe, having a hard time with the two up top he's cutting right now in particular, but thankfully this mostly only bothered him at night - though he had his fingers in his mouth for most of the photos!

He had his eleven-month birthday while he was away, and we're rapidly approaching the one year mark! We will be having a small party at home to celebrate.

Not too many new milestones to mark. We did leave him with my parents for an evening, the first time anyone else but us tried to put him to bed. It went pretty well for a first attempt! Billy and I were lucky enough to get tickets to see Paul McCartney in Toronto, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Teddy is getting stronger every day, though he is still not yet crawling or walking. He is very content to sit and play and does not seem motivated to move around! We are working hard on providing opportunities to strengthen his upper body and crawl, and he will move in circles, so it's a start. He's also very interested in standing, and loves to climb on me. He also likes a new game of sitting on the bed and flopping himself backwards on the pillows, then pulling himself back to sitting, over and over again. So he's getting there, just a little bit behind.

He is now firmly in love with books, especially ones where he can touch different textures. He loves to turn the pages himself. He is definitely starting to understand a lot of what we say; at night Billy reads him Goodnight Moon and when he gets to the page saying "goodnight kittens" Teddy stops and pats the page! He also will clap on cue. He loves to clap and loves to be praised for his abilities. His fine motor skills are excellent and so it's all a matter of different development in different areas, it seems.

I guess that's enough for now! As always, here are a few photos (most of which were already on Facebook, apologies) and a video.


Hanging out in his baby pool this week:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July Happenings

Just wanted to post an update before we leave on our Great Canadian Tour. We leave on Thursday for a wedding in Halifax, then on to Ottawa and Brampton to visit our families. We're really looking forward to it, and I'm sure I'll have lots of stories and photos to post when we get back!

July has been a fun month so far. We had a great visit with Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill. Billy and I got some extra sleep and Teddy really enjoyed spending time with them. As he sees them more he gets much less shy and he loved the extra attention!

Sitting with Grandma Carole!

Teddy has been developing really quickly over the last few weeks. He finally learned how to roll from his back to his belly - previously he'd get to his side and then give up when his arm was in the way! He also started holding a toy in each hand and banging them together to produce new and exciting noises (see the end of the post for a video of this!) He can also place small toys into a modified yogurt container with a hole in the lid.

One of the most fun developments had to do with animals. We go often to the Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose. Last week when we went, Teddy was suddenly very interested in all the animals! He laughed and laughed at them all (even when it was just a lemur taking a bath), and had a wonderful time. It was great to see his excitement, and now leaves us another, easy outing - going to the pet store and giggling at the birds and hamsters, like we did yesterday. :)

He's also becoming much more social. I have a membership at the Y and leave him with the Childwatch while I go work out. He used to either sleep or need to be held the whole time. He still cries when I leave and cries to be picked up when I come back, but the last two visits he has sat and played with toys, the other children, or staff members! I'd been hoping that he would get positive benefits from the Y, and it seems like it is starting to happen.

Our happy boy!

He's still teething, working on one on each side up top, and it's definitely not going so well for him - poor guy. We suffered through almost two weeks of tummy upset that was possibly related. But he's cheerful most of the day and generally a very happy baby. We hope this continues during our travels!

As always, here's a video and photos! Next update will be after we come home!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 Months Old!

Happy 10 months, Teddy! Time sure is flying!

We've been very busy since I last updated. We had a visit from Teddy's Auntie Diana who lives in London, a short visit from our friends Steve and Krista who are driving around the US in a van!, we puppy-sat for my cousin's dog, and had a visit from our good friend Nigel and his boyfriend Stephane. And now Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill are here! We've gone to the zoo, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and more.

Auntie Diana and TJ!

Teddy has really enjoyed all the visits. He is a very happy baby who loves going places and seeing people. He has several new teeth in up top, and has learned how to clap! He's not crawling but loves to stand as much as he can - so maybe he'll just skip that milestone. He moves all over the place at night in his crib, but just in circles!

Best of all is the news that his iron levels have come up to normal and he is no longer considered anemic. We will continue to supplement him with iron drops, just once a day, but we're thrilled that his levels came up so quickly.

We head to Canada on the 29th, visiting Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto. Should be a great trip! Hopefully I will update again before we go, but if not, have a great July and August! And here are the obligatory photos and video:

At his first concert! Listening to the Bangles:


Monday, June 14, 2010

Nine Months!

Well, nine months and one week old as of today! Theodore is growing up fast.

He had his nine month checkup last week, and weighs 16lbs 10.5 oz. This still has him in the 3rd percentile, but he's gaining steadily and proportional in height and weight, so everyone's happy with that. We did find out he is somewhat anemic, so we have been giving iron supplements. This was something we'd been aware was possible due to the fact he was early and low birthweight, so not a huge surprise and we are working with the doctor to monitor it. Otherwise he is very well, with new teeth pushing all the time and endless enthusiasm and interest in the world around him. No crawling yet, but he'll get there soon!

We've had a fun few weeks since I last updated. Billy and I celebrated our eight year wedding anniversary, and I had my 32nd birthday (I'll be celebrating that with Billy later this month). On birthdays, Teddy has a second cousin, Carson, who lives in California and he turned one at the end of May. We went to his birthday party, which was great fun!

Mom and Teddy at the party

We've also had lots of day visitors, like my friend Lindsay from undergrad and her family. Teddy enjoyed playing with her two lovely girls!
Teddy and Tasha

Other than that, we have been enjoying the warm weather (and our new patio furniture!) and just doing our daily routines. We have lots of guests coming to visit shortly: Auntie Diana comes from the 24th to 30th, Nigel will be here July 1st to 5th, and Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill will be here the 6th to 11th! So we will be happy and busy around here.

As always, a video and pictures!

At lunch in Mountain View on the 30th:


Sunday, May 23, 2010

May updates

Hard to believe it's almost the end of May - time goes fast! Things are well here in California. We had a great visit with Auntie Debbie at the end of April/beginning of May, going touristing in San Francisco, to the zoo, and lots of other little trips in between.

In San Francisco with Auntie Debbie

Teddy has been to four swimming lessons since the beginning of May (unfortunately we had to miss two while I was sick for week). He's really enjoyed himself. The lessons are in an outdoor pool that's heated and only 3 feet deep, so it's a nice calm environment and he likes being in the water. He kicks instinctively when put on his stomach, which is great! We have two more lessons next week before the session wraps up.

He has two bottom teeth fully in now, and one in the front up top is very close to pushing through. He is still sitting well, and is showing an interest in learning to crawl. He likes going on outings, and even went to his first baseball game last week - the minor league team in San Jose.

As always, here's a video and some photos! We got a nice new lens for our DSLR camera, so there's quite a few close-up baby faces this month!

Swing Time:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Events

April has been a very busy month so far! First we had a visit with our friends Anton and Catherine, who live in Seattle, and then we had a visit from Grammy Eileen and Auntie Catherine. Theodore really enjoyed the company and new faces! Next up is a visit from Auntie Debbie later this week.

Since the last update, Theodore has gotten his second tooth, and started sitting fully unassisted! He loves to sit and play with his toys and look at the world from this new angle. We sit with him or put a pillow by him, but he's very strong and can sit for a long period of time. It's an exciting development!

Sitting pretty!

We've also joined the Y, and I have left Theodore with their child care a few times while I go to the gym. So far he has done great with the ladies there, and they all love him. He's had few caretakers besides us, so it's good for him to get this experience and also play with other babies. Starting in May we will also be taking parent-tot swim classes for a month at the Y. I'm really looking forward to that!

As always, here are some videos and photos!




Friday, April 2, 2010

Vacations and Updates!

Happy April!  The end of March went by so fast.  Theodore really enjoyed his visit with his Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill.  And he especially liked the trip to Maui we all took!  We were there for five nights and did a big activity every day, along with some relaxing and swimming.  Theodore's highlights were the aquarium (he was fascinated by the fish) and the scenery at some beautiful sights.

Family photo at Iao Valley State Park

The ocean was too rough to take him in (and a bit cold), but he did get splashed once, and we took him in the pool twice, which he (moderately) enjoyed! 

First time in the pool!

He was wonderful on both flights, including taking a long nap after takeoff each time, and adjusted to the three hour time change fairly well.  Since returning he's been sleeping much more fitfully, with multiple wakings and being hard to get down in bed.  However, there's probably a cause - he has a tooth!  One has poked through on the bottom - and boy, if you put your finger in there, it's sharp!  It feels like he's working on another one, so it's possible that's causing some of his current issues (he also seems to be hungry all the time, so may be growth spurting). Thankfully the teeth didn't bother him too much in Maui, even though it had already started!

Other new things are that he continues to eat his way through a variety of solids; he's now also had sweet potato (which he loved), peas, and butternut squash.  He also really likes drinking water from his sippy cup.  I've been enjoying making his food and so far he seems to enjoy eating it!  Today I gave him squash and avocado, and when I put him in his chair the second time he opened his mouth up wide right away.

Also, while Grandma and Granddad were visiting, we took Teddy on his first amusement park ride!  We went to a lovely zoo and park in San Jose where we rode the carousel twice, sitting on one of the bench seats.  Next up, Disneyland!  ;)

First carousel ride!

April is shaping up to be a busy month - we're having visits from our friends Anton and Catherine who live in Seattle, from Grandma Eileen, and from Auntie Debbie!  So if there are no updates until May, you'll know why, but I will try to update in a few weeks if I can.  As always, let's close with some photos and videos!

Laughing, March 20th (sorry for the sideways video):

Captivated by the fish at the aquarium:

Hanging out on the beach in Maui:

And photos, of course!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mid-March Happenings

Just thought I'd update quickly tonight.  Things are going great here!  Theodore turned six months old on the 7th.  Since then he's started sleeping in his own room, and had his first tastes of solid food (rice cereal was a bust, he liked avocado okay, and then turned his nose up at homemade pears.  Tomorrow we try homemade sweet potato...) Big changes!


He had his six month checkup at the doctor's and weighs 14lbs, 7oz.  He's still in the 5th percentile for weight and 7th for height, but is growing beautifully along his curve and the doctor is very pleased with his progress.  We will be getting a referral to another pediatric plastic surgeon or orthopedist about his foot, but we don't anticipate any action being needed - it's just a consult so we have contact made in this area, vs. in Ottawa.

He's been sleeping quite well - he has his off nights, but more often than not, he has a great night, like the other day when he slept from 8:45 until 7:30!  And we've been going out and having lots of fun, as Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill are in town.  We went to San Francisco, to Palo Alto, and out on errands and for yummy lunches.  Grandma and Granddad are off to Mendocino for a few days, but they come back this weekend and then we are all going to Maui on Sunday!  We stay for five days, and are really looking forward to it.  I'm hoping Teddy likes the ocean - he loves taking a bath.

Having him in his nursery is going well, and we love the new furniture and decorations.  We aren't allowed to paint, so we got wall decals, and think it came out looking quite fun.

Super Mario nursery!

As always, here are photos - no video right now! - and I'll try to update after our vacation with photos from that.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Events

Another month gone - the time flies! 

Theodore has had a very good month.  He's more active and social by the day.  He loves to play and "talk" - sometimes, these days, squealing loudly like a little piglet!  He consistently rolls over just about every time he's put on his belly - sometimes within seconds of being put there.  He can also sit in a tripod position for about ten seconds if he's put there, and sits up quite straight when on your lap.  He's sleeping great, eating well, loves to eat his toes, and especially fun for us is that he's become interested in the cat!  He loves looking at Sam Spade, laughs and giggles when he sees him, and tries to grab him.  Naturally, Sam is not interested in too much attention, but will sometimes sit and let Teddy touch his fur, depending on his mood.

Practicing his sitting!

He'll be six months old in a week, and we've got his highchair, bibs, spoons - everything ready to start solid foods.  I'll be making my own purees and food for him to eat, and am excited to get started on that, though a little sad to move on from just breastfeeding, which has been going great.  We've also finally got his nursery furniture set up, and will be moving him to his own room in a few days or so.  We're both going to miss him being in our room, but it's probably time!  We just have to finish decorating the walls first.  I will post pictures when it's complete!

Trying out his highchair!

We continue to enjoy the good weather - a bit of rain and a few storms, but mostly sunshine over the last month.  Teddy and I go on an outing every day, whether just a walk to the grocery store or to a moms' group outing.  Unfortunately, he really hates being in the car, especially if he's in the back seat by himself, so driving places can be a bit nerve-wracking as sometimes he screams and cries the whole way.  He does enjoy being out, however, so we try to keep it up.  This month we went as a family to a little zoo in Palo Alto, and today we all went to the King Tut exhibit in San Francisco - Theodore's first time up in the city!  We also watched a lot of the Olympics, cheering for the Canadians!

With Daddy at the DeYoung Museum

He sees the doctor again on the 9th, so I will update with all his latest stats then.  We're very excited because the next day Grandma Carole and Granddad will come to town for a visit! 

As always, here are more videos and photos from the month.  Hope you enjoy!

Feet, February 10th:

Laughing Baby, February 23rd:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Current Events

Just a quick post to keep up to date, rather than letting a month go by between updates! We've had a fairly quiet second half of January and beginning of February, which is a nice change. Theodore and I have been starting to attend a few "mommy group" outings, and have been visiting weekly with Teddy's 3-month old third cousin Talia and her mom Beti. Beti and her husband Kevin, my second cousin, just moved to Mountain View from Toronto, and we've been enjoying getting to know each other. We also had a visit from Auntie Catherine last weekend, which Teddy really enjoyed!

Theodore will be five months old on Sunday, and we're having a big party to celebrate - okay, for the Super Bowl, but we can celebrate too! He continues to be a generally cheerful baby, though his newest trick is squealing when he's hungry, tired, or just wants to hear the sound! Up until two nights ago he was sleeping beautifully, usually going to bed between 8:30 and 9, sleeping until 6, then going back to sleep for another one or two hours after eating. The last two nights he's decided waking up multiple times to eat is fun - I'm thinking growth spurt! Hopefully he'll settle back into his normal routine soon. He's really starting to enjoy his Jumperoo, however, and seems to be discovering that he's ticklish - it's great fun to tickle him or kiss his belly and get a big laugh out of him! And as you can see in the pictures, his hair is starting to get a little thicker - I can give him a baby mohawk!

A few photos follow, as always, though a smaller set this time! And, of course, one video!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy (belated) New Year! Long time no update, but we've been very busy. We had a full December, culminating in two weeks spent in Canada, from the 19th of December to the 2nd of January. We spent one week in Ottawa and one week in Brampton (as well as side trips to Burlington and Waterloo). Teddy loved seeing all his relatives, and got to meet his Auntie Diana for the first time (she lives in the UK) as well as his one great-grandmother! We did lots of visiting, tried to stay warm, and had a great time. Since being back in California we've also just enjoyed a visit with Billy's dad.

Theodore turned 18 weeks old yesterday, and is doing wonderfully. He met his new pediatrician for his four-month checkup last Friday. He now weighs 12lbs 7oz, which is a big gain since his last checkup! He's still down on the percentile chart, but for the size he started at he's doing great, and the pediatrician was very pleased. He got a clean bill of health and we're very happy. He wasn't as happy with his shots - I've never seen him so upset! He cried real tears for the first time that afternoon, but thankfully, is doing fine now.

He's developing well also. After a hiatus of almost a month, he decided to start rolling over again last Monday - and did it three times that day, of course! He's also steadily gaining more head control. He has developed control over his hands, and will now grab onto and "play" with toys, as well as try to stuff them, along with his fingers, into his mouth! It's a very neat development and really expands his range of activities. We've also assembled a Jumperoo for him, and despite the fact he needs two books underneath to be able to reach the ground, he seems to enjoy it so far, though the toys and cause-and-effect of jumping still seem to elude him. Finally, he's begun to enjoy - or at least gently tolerate - being read to. So far his favourite book is "Pat The Bunny". Since he rarely likes to sit still or have you sit down while holding him, it's exciting that he's willing to sit and be read to now!

As always, here are a few videos and a slideshow of photos. The photos cover the time between my last update and over the holidays and just into 2010. Sorry there are so many - that's what I get for not updating more frequently!

Celebrating Hanukkah:

Rolling over!

Jumperoo time:

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