Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One Year Old!

Happy birthday, Theodore! Our little man turns one year old today. It's hard to believe - the time has flown!

Birthday Boy on the 7th!

We've been pretty busy since our last update. Lots of activities, and we took another trip to Canada! We went to Regina, Saskatchewan to visit my good friend Becky and her husband Chris, who moved there last year. It was the whole Biggs family's first time in the Prairies, and we had a lot of fun. We visited the town where the TV show Corner Gas was filmed, went to the RCMP museum, swam in the hotel pool, and spent time relaxing (and eating!) with Becky and Chris.

At the Regina airport, waiting like a big boy for his flight home!

Theodore continues to develop and learn. He is now fully mobile! He decided to bypass "traditional" crawling and instead does a cute bum scoot with arm pull. I've included video at the end of this post. He's extremely pleased with himself and is content to move around the house for long periods of time. He will go to a toy, throw it, and go get it again - like playing fetch! Since throwing things is his other favourite pastime, this is very entertaining to him. He is practicing his standing as well, though is not yet ready to stand unassisted or walk.

He continues to enjoy imitative play. I will balance one of his small stacking cups on the post for his rings, and he will repeat it happily. But he has to get it just right - if it's crooked, he will try again until he gets it right! When he does get it right, he's very pleased and we clap and smile. He is also becoming more accustomed to playing with other children, and loves going to the park and watching older children play while being pushed in the swing. He will kick his legs on cue in the swing as well, which is very sweet!

As you can see, he also still loves books!

We see his new pediatrician on Monday the 13th, so I don't have updated stats to share yet. I will update again next week when I have that information. Also, his first birthday party is next Saturday, the 11th, so I will share photos from that! We're having a small gathering at our house, with a special guest of honour - Grammy Eileen is coming down from Ottawa! Teddy will be thrilled to see her.

Here's video and photos, as always!

Teddy's version of crawling:



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