Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Events

April has been a very busy month so far! First we had a visit with our friends Anton and Catherine, who live in Seattle, and then we had a visit from Grammy Eileen and Auntie Catherine. Theodore really enjoyed the company and new faces! Next up is a visit from Auntie Debbie later this week.

Since the last update, Theodore has gotten his second tooth, and started sitting fully unassisted! He loves to sit and play with his toys and look at the world from this new angle. We sit with him or put a pillow by him, but he's very strong and can sit for a long period of time. It's an exciting development!

Sitting pretty!

We've also joined the Y, and I have left Theodore with their child care a few times while I go to the gym. So far he has done great with the ladies there, and they all love him. He's had few caretakers besides us, so it's good for him to get this experience and also play with other babies. Starting in May we will also be taking parent-tot swim classes for a month at the Y. I'm really looking forward to that!

As always, here are some videos and photos!




Friday, April 2, 2010

Vacations and Updates!

Happy April!  The end of March went by so fast.  Theodore really enjoyed his visit with his Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill.  And he especially liked the trip to Maui we all took!  We were there for five nights and did a big activity every day, along with some relaxing and swimming.  Theodore's highlights were the aquarium (he was fascinated by the fish) and the scenery at some beautiful sights.

Family photo at Iao Valley State Park

The ocean was too rough to take him in (and a bit cold), but he did get splashed once, and we took him in the pool twice, which he (moderately) enjoyed! 

First time in the pool!

He was wonderful on both flights, including taking a long nap after takeoff each time, and adjusted to the three hour time change fairly well.  Since returning he's been sleeping much more fitfully, with multiple wakings and being hard to get down in bed.  However, there's probably a cause - he has a tooth!  One has poked through on the bottom - and boy, if you put your finger in there, it's sharp!  It feels like he's working on another one, so it's possible that's causing some of his current issues (he also seems to be hungry all the time, so may be growth spurting). Thankfully the teeth didn't bother him too much in Maui, even though it had already started!

Other new things are that he continues to eat his way through a variety of solids; he's now also had sweet potato (which he loved), peas, and butternut squash.  He also really likes drinking water from his sippy cup.  I've been enjoying making his food and so far he seems to enjoy eating it!  Today I gave him squash and avocado, and when I put him in his chair the second time he opened his mouth up wide right away.

Also, while Grandma and Granddad were visiting, we took Teddy on his first amusement park ride!  We went to a lovely zoo and park in San Jose where we rode the carousel twice, sitting on one of the bench seats.  Next up, Disneyland!  ;)

First carousel ride!

April is shaping up to be a busy month - we're having visits from our friends Anton and Catherine who live in Seattle, from Grandma Eileen, and from Auntie Debbie!  So if there are no updates until May, you'll know why, but I will try to update in a few weeks if I can.  As always, let's close with some photos and videos!

Laughing, March 20th (sorry for the sideways video):

Captivated by the fish at the aquarium:

Hanging out on the beach in Maui:

And photos, of course!

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