Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 Months Old!

Happy 10 months, Teddy! Time sure is flying!

We've been very busy since I last updated. We had a visit from Teddy's Auntie Diana who lives in London, a short visit from our friends Steve and Krista who are driving around the US in a van!, we puppy-sat for my cousin's dog, and had a visit from our good friend Nigel and his boyfriend Stephane. And now Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill are here! We've gone to the zoo, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and more.

Auntie Diana and TJ!

Teddy has really enjoyed all the visits. He is a very happy baby who loves going places and seeing people. He has several new teeth in up top, and has learned how to clap! He's not crawling but loves to stand as much as he can - so maybe he'll just skip that milestone. He moves all over the place at night in his crib, but just in circles!

Best of all is the news that his iron levels have come up to normal and he is no longer considered anemic. We will continue to supplement him with iron drops, just once a day, but we're thrilled that his levels came up so quickly.

We head to Canada on the 29th, visiting Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto. Should be a great trip! Hopefully I will update again before we go, but if not, have a great July and August! And here are the obligatory photos and video:

At his first concert! Listening to the Bangles:



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