Thursday, July 7, 2011

General Updates

Theodore turned 22 months old today. It's hard to believe - the time has gone by so quickly. We have had a pretty busy and full month since I last updated.

June started on a sour note when Billy and I both had extremely bad bouts of stomach flu, and Theodore had a rotten cough and cold. Thankfully, Grandma Carole came to the rescue and came to town on the 9th (my birthday!) We were so grateful to have her help, as we were in a pretty bad state. She stayed for two weeks, which was a wonderful visit and let us get back on our feet and also enjoy her company.

Riding the miniature train at Vasona Park

During her visit we had a terrible heat wave, but managed to beat the heat by checking out new things to do, like the San Jose Children's Museum. It's been hot and and off since, but other than a lot of complaining on my part, we've been surviving.

This last weekend was the Independence Day holiday, and Billy had both Monday and Tuesday off - hooray! And even better, Theodore's Uncle Michael and Uncle Alex came to visit. Uncle Michael stayed for four days, and Uncle Alex is still here, going home on Saturday. We've been having a great visit, and Theodore is enjoying getting to know his uncles better.

At the Japanese Tea Garden on July 4th

As always, Theodore continues to grow and develop daily. He has no new words, but has been using several words/sounds more consistently, notably "ba" for ball and "ka" for cat. Perhaps the biggest change since the last update is that we weaned him from breastfeeding while Grandma Carole was visiting. It went extremely smoothly, and while I miss it, he is very into snuggles now, so those are lovely as well. We are still going to speech and physical therapy, though we have no classes on at the moment, due to summer schedules. We visit the park almost every day instead, or play in our wonderful backyard. Speaking of that backyard, Theodore and I have been growing vegetables together, and got to taste our first cucumbers this week! He was very excited, though didn't end up wanting to eat it when it was on his plate!

Next update will come in August - after our big family trip to Paris!! We leave July 20th and come home on August 5th. We are very, very excited and I think Theodore will have a wonderful time. We plan to go to lots of parks and eat pain au chocolat every day, so I'm sure that will agree with him!

As always, video and photo to end!

Enjoying T-Ball at sports class:


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