Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Events

Another month gone - the time flies! 

Theodore has had a very good month.  He's more active and social by the day.  He loves to play and "talk" - sometimes, these days, squealing loudly like a little piglet!  He consistently rolls over just about every time he's put on his belly - sometimes within seconds of being put there.  He can also sit in a tripod position for about ten seconds if he's put there, and sits up quite straight when on your lap.  He's sleeping great, eating well, loves to eat his toes, and especially fun for us is that he's become interested in the cat!  He loves looking at Sam Spade, laughs and giggles when he sees him, and tries to grab him.  Naturally, Sam is not interested in too much attention, but will sometimes sit and let Teddy touch his fur, depending on his mood.

Practicing his sitting!

He'll be six months old in a week, and we've got his highchair, bibs, spoons - everything ready to start solid foods.  I'll be making my own purees and food for him to eat, and am excited to get started on that, though a little sad to move on from just breastfeeding, which has been going great.  We've also finally got his nursery furniture set up, and will be moving him to his own room in a few days or so.  We're both going to miss him being in our room, but it's probably time!  We just have to finish decorating the walls first.  I will post pictures when it's complete!

Trying out his highchair!

We continue to enjoy the good weather - a bit of rain and a few storms, but mostly sunshine over the last month.  Teddy and I go on an outing every day, whether just a walk to the grocery store or to a moms' group outing.  Unfortunately, he really hates being in the car, especially if he's in the back seat by himself, so driving places can be a bit nerve-wracking as sometimes he screams and cries the whole way.  He does enjoy being out, however, so we try to keep it up.  This month we went as a family to a little zoo in Palo Alto, and today we all went to the King Tut exhibit in San Francisco - Theodore's first time up in the city!  We also watched a lot of the Olympics, cheering for the Canadians!

With Daddy at the DeYoung Museum

He sees the doctor again on the 9th, so I will update with all his latest stats then.  We're very excited because the next day Grandma Carole and Granddad will come to town for a visit! 

As always, here are more videos and photos from the month.  Hope you enjoy!

Feet, February 10th:

Laughing Baby, February 23rd:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Current Events

Just a quick post to keep up to date, rather than letting a month go by between updates! We've had a fairly quiet second half of January and beginning of February, which is a nice change. Theodore and I have been starting to attend a few "mommy group" outings, and have been visiting weekly with Teddy's 3-month old third cousin Talia and her mom Beti. Beti and her husband Kevin, my second cousin, just moved to Mountain View from Toronto, and we've been enjoying getting to know each other. We also had a visit from Auntie Catherine last weekend, which Teddy really enjoyed!

Theodore will be five months old on Sunday, and we're having a big party to celebrate - okay, for the Super Bowl, but we can celebrate too! He continues to be a generally cheerful baby, though his newest trick is squealing when he's hungry, tired, or just wants to hear the sound! Up until two nights ago he was sleeping beautifully, usually going to bed between 8:30 and 9, sleeping until 6, then going back to sleep for another one or two hours after eating. The last two nights he's decided waking up multiple times to eat is fun - I'm thinking growth spurt! Hopefully he'll settle back into his normal routine soon. He's really starting to enjoy his Jumperoo, however, and seems to be discovering that he's ticklish - it's great fun to tickle him or kiss his belly and get a big laugh out of him! And as you can see in the pictures, his hair is starting to get a little thicker - I can give him a baby mohawk!

A few photos follow, as always, though a smaller set this time! And, of course, one video!

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