Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mid-March Happenings

Just thought I'd update quickly tonight.  Things are going great here!  Theodore turned six months old on the 7th.  Since then he's started sleeping in his own room, and had his first tastes of solid food (rice cereal was a bust, he liked avocado okay, and then turned his nose up at homemade pears.  Tomorrow we try homemade sweet potato...) Big changes!


He had his six month checkup at the doctor's and weighs 14lbs, 7oz.  He's still in the 5th percentile for weight and 7th for height, but is growing beautifully along his curve and the doctor is very pleased with his progress.  We will be getting a referral to another pediatric plastic surgeon or orthopedist about his foot, but we don't anticipate any action being needed - it's just a consult so we have contact made in this area, vs. in Ottawa.

He's been sleeping quite well - he has his off nights, but more often than not, he has a great night, like the other day when he slept from 8:45 until 7:30!  And we've been going out and having lots of fun, as Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill are in town.  We went to San Francisco, to Palo Alto, and out on errands and for yummy lunches.  Grandma and Granddad are off to Mendocino for a few days, but they come back this weekend and then we are all going to Maui on Sunday!  We stay for five days, and are really looking forward to it.  I'm hoping Teddy likes the ocean - he loves taking a bath.

Having him in his nursery is going well, and we love the new furniture and decorations.  We aren't allowed to paint, so we got wall decals, and think it came out looking quite fun.

Super Mario nursery!

As always, here are photos - no video right now! - and I'll try to update after our vacation with photos from that.

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