Monday, November 15, 2010

October and November to date

Apologies for the long time between updates! We've been very busy, as always.

In October we went to Austin, Texas for four days to attend my cousin Eric's wedding. We had a fabulous trip. Theodore really enjoyed spending time with his cousins Austin and Alexandra in particular. Austin is four and a half and Alex is two and a half, and Theodore found them fascinating and exciting! He was very well-behaved at the wedding, and we all had fun relaxing and sightseeing.

Family photo at the wedding

Theodore also dressed up for Halloween for the first time! Since we were able to decide his costume, we chose to dress him up as Tintin, since his hair was perfect for it! We took him over to our friends' house and took him to two houses to trick-or-treat. He wasn't really sure what was going on, but enjoyed himself nonetheless!


Also, right now Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill are visiting! They have been here a week and are staying for one more week. Theodore has really liked having their company, and it's been a very nice visit, including some babysitting so that Billy and I can go on dates. Next up Auntie Suzie and Auntie Catherine are both coming too!

Developmentally, Theodore continues to improve every day. He is scooting, climbing, and trying to stand. And just today he got up two stairs! He has also started to babble consonants, and now we get a steady stream of "bababa" and a few "dadada"s. He has also learned how to push buttons, point, and make a hand gesture for "more". He is also clearly understanding much more of what we say, and knows the names for many objects and people. He continues to love books, balls, and chasing the cat, and his new favourite activity is putting things in other things - so we have fun putting away his toys in the box! He eats solid foods very well now, eating a variety of things at each meal, and enjoying most of them. On the weekend we gave him fresh Valencia orange slices, and he was ecstatic!

We continue to attend gym class, which he really enjoys. We have not yet started with the early intervention program, but hopefully that will be starting up quite soon. We are also looking forward to Thanksgiving, and a four day weekend for Billy! Theodore adores his father and so will really enjoy that.

No video right now, but as always, here are photos!

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