Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Second Birthday Pictures

I'm still very woefully behind on this blog, but here's a mini-update with pictures from Theodore's second birthday in September.

We opened presents the morning of his actual birthday. They were almost exclusively train-related and he was thrilled! Theodore is still completely in love with Thomas the Tank Engine and trains in general.

Later that morning we went to the Palo Alto Junior Zoo and Museum and met Talia and Beti. It's a cute little zoo and play area that Teddy loves, and they had a fun time running around together and looking at the animals.

We saw Talia again on the morning of the 10th when we held his birthday party in our backyard. We had bubbles and cupcakes, which went over very well! We kept everything low-key because he was only turning two and isn't a fan of big, noisy events anyway, and it turned out great.

Theodore also had a two-year checkup with his pediatrician in that time, and everything looked great. He's around the 10th to 15th percentile for height (it's hard to measure a screaming, flailing child!) and just under the 3rd percentile for weight. It was exciting to have him on the charts, and he's got a lovely growth curve that just happens to be on a lower part of the chart than average. He's very healthy overall and so we were pleased! We have been discharged from seeing the GI doctor further, and also met with Endocrinology in December and were told not to worry there either. So he's officially a small child that takes after his father - which is fine by us, because he's so happy, healthy, and smart.

Here are the rest of the photos from his birthday - just 14 of them - and hopefully soon I will post more catch-up photos and news, unless his Baby Brother arrives in the meantime!

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