Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy (belated) New Year! Long time no update, but we've been very busy. We had a full December, culminating in two weeks spent in Canada, from the 19th of December to the 2nd of January. We spent one week in Ottawa and one week in Brampton (as well as side trips to Burlington and Waterloo). Teddy loved seeing all his relatives, and got to meet his Auntie Diana for the first time (she lives in the UK) as well as his one great-grandmother! We did lots of visiting, tried to stay warm, and had a great time. Since being back in California we've also just enjoyed a visit with Billy's dad.

Theodore turned 18 weeks old yesterday, and is doing wonderfully. He met his new pediatrician for his four-month checkup last Friday. He now weighs 12lbs 7oz, which is a big gain since his last checkup! He's still down on the percentile chart, but for the size he started at he's doing great, and the pediatrician was very pleased. He got a clean bill of health and we're very happy. He wasn't as happy with his shots - I've never seen him so upset! He cried real tears for the first time that afternoon, but thankfully, is doing fine now.

He's developing well also. After a hiatus of almost a month, he decided to start rolling over again last Monday - and did it three times that day, of course! He's also steadily gaining more head control. He has developed control over his hands, and will now grab onto and "play" with toys, as well as try to stuff them, along with his fingers, into his mouth! It's a very neat development and really expands his range of activities. We've also assembled a Jumperoo for him, and despite the fact he needs two books underneath to be able to reach the ground, he seems to enjoy it so far, though the toys and cause-and-effect of jumping still seem to elude him. Finally, he's begun to enjoy - or at least gently tolerate - being read to. So far his favourite book is "Pat The Bunny". Since he rarely likes to sit still or have you sit down while holding him, it's exciting that he's willing to sit and be read to now!

As always, here are a few videos and a slideshow of photos. The photos cover the time between my last update and over the holidays and just into 2010. Sorry there are so many - that's what I get for not updating more frequently!

Celebrating Hanukkah:

Rolling over!

Jumperoo time:

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