Sunday, May 15, 2011

General Updates

Just a few general updates and photos and videos to share. Theodore turned 20 months old this month, and continues to be a wonderful, joyous child.

We celebrated Easter with Theodore for this first time this year. He had his own Easter basket and did an egg hunt! We went with the "hide in plain sight" tactic, which worked out pretty well. The hardest part was convincing him to put the ones he'd already found in the bucket and go looking for more! It was very fun, and presumably will get more fun as he gets older.

Easter egg hunting!

In the month since I last updated (sorry about that!) we've been blessedly free of extra appointments and assessments. Theodore and I did both have terrible colds two weeks ago, and he had an ear infection as well, unfortunately. He's much better after the antibiotics and back to his old self.

In exciting news, Theodore officially has his first word! He has a very enthusiastic "yeah!" when we figure out what he wants. He can also shake his head no, but doesn't verbalize it - yet! He's come pretty close to other words as well - he said "mi" pointing at the milk yesterday, and sometimes says "ba" when playing with a ball. It's good progress, and we're pleased. The "yeah!" is a lot of fun, as well! He also learned a sign for "car" and has started following along with some fingerplay in songs, or specific dancing instructions.

His favourite sign is still "more", of course!

Eating continues to go better all the time, though we don't have an updated weight. He's had a definite growth spurt in height - suddenly he can reach and climb on all sorts of things he couldn't before! It's really nice to see. He's currently going through a sleep regression, but thankfully once he goes down to sleep, he's been sleeping 9+ hours straight quite consistently. He wants to nurse for all his naps again, so it's been a challenge for me - but I'm optimistic it won't last too long.

Other than that, we are just busy as normal - playdates, the park, Gym Kids, speech therapy twice a week, physical therapy once a week, and we also started the sports class. It turns out it's just letting the kids loose in a big gym for 40 minutes with lots of sporting equipment, and then some stretches and a story - but Teddy loved it, and got tons of exercise. We've also been playing in our backyard a lot, and I'm very grateful we have that space. In particular, we play with chalk and do shapes, colours, and letters, and also we're growing a squash and a cucumber plant in pots and so Theodore helps me water them every day. I can't wait until they start growing and producing vegetables so he can see!

We're off to Vancouver next Saturday, so I will try to update shortly after with photos from that trip. After that, Grammy Eileen will be visiting! We're really looking forward to all of that.

Photo and video time!

At Gym Kids this Friday:

Sharing with Talia during a playdate - too adorable!


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