Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Days For Theodore

It's been hard to find the time to update! We've had lots of activity since the end of September. First, Auntie Debbie, Uncle Ryan, and cousins Austin and Alex came up to visit. We went to the Children's Museum and spent time here at our house.

Austin, Billy, and Theodore

Uncle Ryan and Alex meeting Theodore

Theodore also celebrated his first holiday (other than being born on Labour Day) - Canadian Thanksgiving! We had a great dinner at Grammy Eileen's, along with Michael and great-uncle Bob.

Teddy vs. the turkey!

Grandma Carole and Granddad Bill came up for a weekend visit as well:

Grandma and Theodore

And then we went to California for a week!

Flying Baby!

We visited with lots of friends and in particular, Teddy got to meet his second cousin Carson.


We also rented a big house in Sunnyvale. We will all be moving to California in a few weeks, likely by mid-November. We plan to be back for Christmas, though, and the house will have a guest room, so anyone who wants is more than welcome to visit!

Through all this, Theodore is doing great - still growing like a weed, he's close to nine pounds now, and is seven weeks old today. He gets his first vaccinations next week. He's become much more interested in the world, following things with his eyes and paying attention to you as you talk to him. He's started giving us a few four-hour stretches of sleep at night, though he's up much more during the day and has started to voice his displeasure at the fact he's a baby and he doesn't really have much to do. We're trying hard to keep up with him!

For more pictures from the last few weeks, there's a set of photos on Picasa that you can view by clicking on the image below:

A Few Busy Weeks in October


Carole October 26, 2009 at 7:32 PM  

Adorable photos! I love "Flying Baby".

Deb October 27, 2009 at 4:15 AM  

I love the one of him flying...super cute! He has this look on his face, like 'what the heck are you doing to me mom'!

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